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Tea is the thing.

Why this Entrepreneur has decided that tea is where it's at...

(My sincere apologies go out to my sixth grade English teacher who would not appreciate that I ended that thought with a preposition. It was for effect, really!)

The Love Affair Begins...

Those of you who know me know that I like to start businesses. In fact, my day job as a professor of entrepreneurship is to teach people how to start businesses. I simply love entrepreneurship and the exciting project of launching a business.

I also really love tea. I have been in love with tea for years. In fact, I've pretty much been a lifelong tea drinker. However, it wasn't until Kyle (my husband) took me to Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Banff Springs resort that I really tasted tea for the first time. How can that be when I just stated that I was a lifelong tea drinker? Well, this was my first real experience with loose full-leaf tea that was steeped for the proper amount of time. It was magical - the flavor, the aroma - what an experience! And this view didn't hurt....

We get it. You love tea. Why go into the tea business though?

Great question, Dear Reader! You see, I'm not alone in my love of tea. In fact, 80% of US households drink tea, but don't take it from me. Here's a screenshot from the Tea Fact sheet from the authority on the subject:

Not to mention the fact that...

Tea can be sold at a reasonable price point, and, most importantly, it's a consumable. People drink it, and then, well, they need more.

That makes sense, so why didn't you start your own tea company as you had planned?

Another great question, but, as I tell my students, you don't want to make your blog posts too long. As such, stay tuned for more posts on my Steeped Tea journey.

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